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Healing Promises
How the Kingdom Came
Go Back to Go Up
Eternal Zoe pt. 1
Eternal Zoe pt. 2

Eternal Zoe pt. 4
Eternal Zoe pt. 5
Eternal Zoe pt. 6
Coming of Jesus Other Half
Coming of Jesus Other Half 2
Redemption By Name
Elisha Saw It
The Princes
Thunder Travel
Elijah When
She Is His Glory
The Princess; The Queen
Roles of the Queen
Two-Fold Son of Man pt. 1
Two-Fold Son of Man pt. 2
The Third Pull pt. 1
The Third Pull pt. 3
The Third Pull pt. 4
The Crowning of Jesus
Dimension of Home pt. 1
Dimension of Home pt. 2
Dimension of Home pt. 3
Home pt. 4--Half-Hour Silence
Home pt. 5--Half-Hour Silence
Home pt. 6--Rapture Faith
Home pt. 7--John and Angel
Home pt. 8--Riding Elijah's Trail
Sticky Man
God Is Life
Spiritual DNA
Fiery Trials
Devils Through Eden
444--The Number Four
Book of Life
Placing the Garments
Blending into Eternity
Pagan Worship
Sixth Seal Earthquake
Son of Perdition pt. 1
Son of Perdition pt. 2
Son of Perdition pt. 3
Son of Perdition pt. 4
A Woman in Power
The Beast
God's Grace Speaks Fellowship
Stonewall Standing
Living in the Lord's Day Now
The Rock of Ages and the En Morphe God.php
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Espanol: God is Life - Life is Healing
El Zoe Eterno Parte 4
I'm Going to Take My Vacation In Heaven
Firmes Como ''Muro de Piedra''
La Venida de la Otra Mitad de Jesus
La Venida de la Otra Mitad de Jesus - Parte 2
Viaje del Trueno
Sorbidos En Eternidad

Bro. Lane is 62 years old. He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was raised Methodist.

†In Jan. 1963 he had his first contact with Holiness and Full Gospel people. In Feb. 1963 he was laying flat on his back in bed when he repented of his sins and came to the knowledge of Jesus as his Savior. In Sept. 1964 he married his wife Sue. They have now been married for 44 years as of Sept. 2008. They have one Son and one Daughter. Each of them have one boy and one girl. All are saved, and are in the Message.

Bro. and Sister Lane came into the message in Jan, 1966, after hearing the 1965 Shreveport tapes, and getting a Church Age Book. He evangelized and pastored for several years throughout the USA and Canada.. Lately heís been working as a Scribe for the Lord, as you will see.

†The Lord has given him a very unique style of expression and insight. Itís part Arkansas hillbilly talk, part great sincerity in searching the truth, and part Revelation of God. None of that will hurt you!

†His only motive is to help the Bride of Christ mature to rapturing faith as soon as possible.

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